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Books (Hebrew):

  1. "Incest: The Legal Aspect of the Phenomenon from the Perspective of Adult Women Who Were Victims in Childhood," Nevo Publications (May 2009).

  2. “Filicide”, Nevo Publications (May 2016,)

  3. “Youth in Criminal Law”, Nevo Publications (May 2019)

Books (English):

  1. "Unsafe Home", Lexington Books, An Imprint of Rowman & Littlefield (October 2020)

  2. "Cybersecurity and Legal-Regulatory Aspects", World Scientific (January 2021)

Articles (Hebrew):

  1. Can Psychology Serve as a Security Factor – Incest Survivors as a Test Case of the Connection between Psychology and the Criminal-Tort Reality, Sha’arei Mishpat Vol. 5, 2009, pp 71-130. (H)

  2. Pedophilia and the Protection of the Public from Sex-Crime Offenders Law – The Necessary Connection between Psychology-Psychiatry and Appropriate Legal Development for Dealing with the Phenomenon, Alei Mishpat, Vol. 92011, pp. 239-305. (H)

  3. Conjugal Rights of Prisoners in Israel, Ma’aznei Mishpat, Vol. 8, 2012, pp. 127-153. (H)

  4. The Legal Change with Respect to Trade in Women in Israel – Is it Indeed the Hoped-for Change? Sha’arei Mishpat, Vol. 6 2013, pp. 161-220. (H)

  5. In the Wake of CrimAp 5582/09, John Doe v. State of Israel – Thoughts regarding the Question of Suppressed Memory in Israeli Law, Alei Mishpat Vol. 11, 2014, pp.479-526. (H)

  6. Peeked and Hurt: Examining the right to privacy of a crime victim in light of public voyeurism, Eioni Mishpat, Vol 26(3), 2015, pp. 757-790. (H).

  7. Hooliganism on the On-Line Court – Liability of Content Providers and Site Operators for What Happens in their Area, Hamishpat Vol. 17(2), pp.463-514.(H)

  8. From Moral Paternalism to Risk Management: of a worthier approach to dealing with Pornography in Israeli Law, Law Studies Law Journal, Vol. 30(3), 2016, pp. 837-906. (H)

  9. The Scientific and Juristic Standing of Memories of Childhood Sexual Abuse Recovered Following Dissociative Amnesia, written with Prof. Eli Zomer, Medical Law & Bio-Ethics Journal, Vol. 7, 2017, pp. 11-40. (H)

  10. Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Israel: The need for Legislation, Sha’arei Mishpat, Vol. 9, 2017, pp. 191-222. (H)

Articles (English):

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