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Prof. Limor Ezioni. Adv. Is the  former Dean of Law at The Academic Center of Law and Science and a highly requested lecturer in many academic institutions.


Alongside her vast academic work, Prof. Ezioni has published three books and numerous articles in the Criminal Law field as well as in Cyber Law, Cyber Crime and the Liability of Content Providers and Site Operators.

Areas of  Academic Specialization include:

Required courses: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedures, Evidence

Elective courses: Cyber and Law, Internet Sex Offences, Cyber Bulling and the Liability of Content Providers and Site Operators, Sexual Offenses within the Family, Women’s Rights, Feminism and Law, Criminal Law – From Theory to Reality.

SeminarsSexual Violence, The Specific Offenses in the Penal Code, Rights of Suspects and Defendants, Criminal Punishment

Prof. Ezioni currently teaches in several law Universities and Colleges in Israel and in Spain.

Prof. Ezioni is a Senior Researcher at the INSS (Institution for National Security Studies).

Within the scope of her work at the cyber defense program at the INSS, Dr. Ezioni engages in a variety of legal, regulatory and ethical aspects regarding operations in cyber space.

Prof. Ezioni’s occupation at the INSS involves:

  • Protecting minors in cyber space

  • Biometric applications and privacy

  • Legal and regulatory aspects in crisis management


Prof. Ezioni is the head of her own law firm. She is also freelance consultant on a variety of legal and regulatory subjects in the different parliament committees as all as for public and privately held companies in the business sector.

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